The Path to the Heart / Embracing Non-Duality

This present moment, this sacred moment, is the point of our Creative Power.  This Creative Power, from the Source of all things, is an endless wellspring of energetic flow. 

Our Creative Power is not good or bad.  It simply IS.  When we direct it in creative pursuits it flows without obstruction.  When we use it to judge and to categorize we find ourselves quickly exhausted.  What a relief it is to allow all things just to BE, to quiet the voice that tells us to judge ourselves, others, and events!  We then experience the letting go and opening of our hearts.  We find ourselves able to receive the gifts of Spirit.  The wellspring that is our Creative Power flows without obstruction as we experience joy, love, bliss and endless gratitude.


When I find myself judging rather than allowing

I gently refocus my thoughts.

I breathe into my heart and let go of the burden of judgment.

I feel peace and I feel the flow of my Creative Power.

I am free!



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