When Surgery is Indicated / Reconfiguring the Energy Flow in the Body


There are times when we, for various reasons, may choose surgery as an option to better our circumstance.  It is of great importance to fully embrace this, and not to hold back any parts of ourselves in lining up with this conscious choice. 

As part of our process, it is wise to speak ahead of time to the body, explaining the procedure and the benefits that will come from it.  A wise man once told me to think of the body as a four-year-old child.  In this way we remember to treat the body with love, and to communicate clearly with it so that it may feel safe.

Post surgery, it is beneficial to remember that the original energy flow of the body has been disrupted.  A competent energy worker knows not to try to restore the energy flow as it was, but rather to reconfigure it to flow freely accommodating the current body structure.

The natural state of our bodies is that of healing.  We can assist our bodies in keeping the energy flowing through focusing on positive thoughts, spending time in nature, and exploring the many different forms of bodywork available.  Using these gifts given to us by the Creator, we are able to experience more harmony, peace, and joy.



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