We Are One With the Source

Our complete merging with our Consciousness necessarily triggers the deconstruction of the matrix which has been our reality. 


We discover that this deconstructing reality has kept us in separation from the Divinity that we are.


We feel more peace and harmony then ever as we fully realize the truth, that WE ARE CONSCIOUSNESS itself!


We are NOT our bodies or our thoughts.


As we go through the deconstruction of what we thought was true we may also panic and cling to the old that was familiar.


We allow ourselves our fear and our pain, as we embrace fully the magnitude of the incoming information.


The ways we have coped in the past no longer serve us, and no longer serve humanity.


If we are still “for this” and “against that” we are missing the deliciousness of the final denoument.


For truly, we are one.


Take that in.  TRULY, WE ARE ONE. 


It is not easy, this shift.  We must let go of the familiar. 


Judgments of all kinds have kept us solidly in the prison of the matrix.


Habits of all kinds have kept us feeling in control.


Can you let go of this illusion of control?


Can you rest in the Pure Consciousness that surrounds you and that IS you?


Check in to your heart and feel the truth of this, the peace of this.






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