We Are One With the Source

Our complete merging with our Consciousness necessarily triggers the deconstruction of the matrix which has been our reality. 


We discover that this deconstructing reality has kept us in separation from the Divinity that we are.


We feel more peace and harmony then ever as we fully realize the truth, that WE ARE CONSCIOUSNESS itself!


We are NOT our bodies or our thoughts.


As we go through the deconstruction of what we thought was true we may also panic and cling to the old that was familiar.


We allow ourselves our fear and our pain, as we embrace fully the magnitude of the incoming information.


The ways we have coped in the past no longer serve us, and no longer serve humanity.


If we are still “for this” and “against that” we are missing the deliciousness of the final denoument.


For truly, we are one.


Take that in.  TRULY, WE ARE ONE. 


It is not easy, this shift.  We must let go of the familiar. 


Judgments of all kinds have kept us solidly in the prison of the matrix.


Habits of all kinds have kept us feeling in control.


Can you let go of this illusion of control?


Can you rest in the Pure Consciousness that surrounds you and that IS you?


Check in to your heart and feel the truth of this, the peace of this.






When Surgery is Indicated / Reconfiguring the Energy Flow in the Body


There are times when we, for various reasons, may choose surgery as an option to better our circumstance.  It is of great importance to fully embrace this, and not to hold back any parts of ourselves in lining up with this conscious choice. 

As part of our process, it is wise to speak ahead of time to the body, explaining the procedure and the benefits that will come from it.  A wise man once told me to think of the body as a four-year-old child.  In this way we remember to treat the body with love, and to communicate clearly with it so that it may feel safe.

Post surgery, it is beneficial to remember that the original energy flow of the body has been disrupted.  A competent energy worker knows not to try to restore the energy flow as it was, but rather to reconfigure it to flow freely accommodating the current body structure.

The natural state of our bodies is that of healing.  We can assist our bodies in keeping the energy flowing through focusing on positive thoughts, spending time in nature, and exploring the many different forms of bodywork available.  Using these gifts given to us by the Creator, we are able to experience more harmony, peace, and joy.



The Path to the Heart / Embracing Non-Duality

This present moment, this sacred moment, is the point of our Creative Power.  This Creative Power, from the Source of all things, is an endless wellspring of energetic flow. 

Our Creative Power is not good or bad.  It simply IS.  When we direct it in creative pursuits it flows without obstruction.  When we use it to judge and to categorize we find ourselves quickly exhausted.  What a relief it is to allow all things just to BE, to quiet the voice that tells us to judge ourselves, others, and events!  We then experience the letting go and opening of our hearts.  We find ourselves able to receive the gifts of Spirit.  The wellspring that is our Creative Power flows without obstruction as we experience joy, love, bliss and endless gratitude.


When I find myself judging rather than allowing

I gently refocus my thoughts.

I breathe into my heart and let go of the burden of judgment.

I feel peace and I feel the flow of my Creative Power.

I am free!



Will You Dream With Me?

Will you dream with me?

Will you dream the dream of love and peace for all of mankind?

Will you dream the dream of forgiveness and healing for all, especially for those who have committed acts of violence?

Will you dream of a world where our differences are embraced and even celebrated, where every man, woman and child is nurtured with love, respect and self-confidence, and where animals are treated with kindness?

Will you dream with me of a planet that is free of pollution, her waters pristine once more, and her air gloriously pure? Will you dream of the free and clean energy systems that will accomplish this?

Those who would want otherwise are few. Most of us are longing for a world that embodies only love. Will you dream with me?

The Healing Light Within

Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your heart. See and feel the Source Light that is within your heart. Now, as you experience the warmth and sense of well-being emanating from that Light, allow it to expand and flow into every part of your body. You are healed.

I AM Consciousness

I AM Consciousness.

I am not my body.

But when I infuse my body—every cell, organ, bone, muscle, ligament and tissue—with the Consciousness that I AM, I then begin to experience the balance, harmony, and healing that is natural to my Human Being.

The Story of Travis

Travis Okie - AZ 800m State Champion

My son Travis, Arizona 800 meter state champion at age 16

Travis is my 16-year-old son. He is a senior in high school, number one in his class, and has a GPA of 4.33. He was president of his class in 8th grade and in 10th grade, and was student council secretary in 11th grade. Travis is a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, team captain of his cross country and track teams, and Arizona State champion in the 800 meter run.

Travis also has ADD.

I am sharing his story because he has never had a mind-altering drug in his life. (more…)